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Embrasses and tie-backs
With embrasses you can put aside your curtains and giving your curtains a stylish character. Embrasses are available as tape or cord. The cord embrasse is also available with a brush.


Sailcloth rings
Sailcloth rings can be used for almost any fabric. The curtains are top reinforced with curtain tape in which the rings are beaten. For this less fabric is used than for a single pleat.
Nowadays sailcloth rings are used a lot again, the curtain is installed on e.g. rod or tendon. We can also manufacture curtains with sailcloth rings for you.


From stock and up to 7 meters at a stretch possible. We deliver the KS-rails made to measure with asymmetrical, snap, silent and UV-resistant runners. The rails can be bent by us for special windows, such as bay windows, both inside and outside curves.


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