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We offer you a wide range of colours and designs, ranging from 140 to 280 wide and up to 280 cm high.
Blackout curtains
We offer a 100% lightproof quality blackout fabric in the colour light ecru or white. Moreover, this fabric also isolates both heat and cold. The blackout fabric can be used as lining for curtains, but can also simply be used as a plain curtain.
The drapes are, like the curtains and drapes, made in our own workshop. You can contact us in the store a fabric of their choice and this substance to make the shade.
Roller blinds
The roller blinds from our collection are very diverse, from the best quality and yet can also be advantageous from his. We have blackout, translucent, semi blackout, plain and patterned roller blinds also with a wide range of shells etc..


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