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Teximart tips on window covering


Do not hang curtains with coloured patterns in a bedroom, but choose for plain neutral fabrics. Thus you are able to combine your curtains with a patterned and/or coloured duvet cover. Just notice that the bed is the first thing you spot when you enter a bedroom. The duvet cover is and may remain the eye catcher.


To have your curtains hung nicely folded it is wise to choose for a butterfly pleat or triple pleat. This depends on the thickness of the material.


Never skimp on a good rail, our KS-rail does not cost very much. This rail runs smoother and much quieter and you can also have them bent by Teximart Interieur with custom made curves. And even more important, the curtain hangs much nicer because the curtain runners almost flush with the front of the rail. Thus the curtain hangs down pretty tight without buckling under the pleats.



Curtains that cover the whole window and that are retrieved with embrasses on both sides make the window look narrower. Would you also like the window to look lower and make the room more intimate by tempering the bright daylight then a combination with blinds or roller blinds is a good choice. Choose for illuminating fabrics otherwise the room will become very gloomy and it will work diminutive in the interior.


A window appears wider when the curtain generously runs through on both sides of the window in front of the wall. The best effect is achieved when the curtains runs through from wall to wall, if possible.


A window appears higher if the curtain runs through from floor to ceiling. A window appears less high when a wide coving is installed above the window, possibly with lighting above the cove for an even greater effect. Vertically striped curtains make a room appear higher, and horizontally striped curtains make a room look wider.